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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sorry for the disappearance!

Hello! I know, I know...why do I even have a blog if I'm just going to up and disappear on you? Well I had baby, so cut me some slack. You can read all about it on the family blog, where you can get all the details and see all the baby pics. If that is too much work for you, here is a picture of Wyatt in the bath, you lazy-pants!

It has taken a little time to adjust to having another tiny baby. I forgot about that lack of sleep thing that comes along with new baby smell. I had closed the Etsy shop for a little while, but it has recently been reopened. I don't expect a flood of orders, so I think I'm safe re-opening. I am considering making a bunch of smartphone sleeves from my scraps and adding those to the shop. Getting motivated will be the determining factor for that! I need motivation for a lot of things actually, so if anyone knows where to find some, please shoot me an email!


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